What’s Happening…

Summer Concert Series

Below is the last of the schedule for the summer concerts held at The Cedar Heights Brethren In Christ Church, 37 Cedar Heights, Mill Hall, PA (on Nittany Valley Drive near the intersection of Rts 64 & 477; 4 miles north of I-80)

August 25 – New Journey

Sept1 – Mercy Run

Sept. 8 – The GloryWay Quartet

Calling all available persons to HELP this weekend. AMISH BARN RAISING …… no, just STUMP GRINDING

1) David & Melissa Hale and family are planning to grind stumps the 4th weekend of August…. 23, 24, 25. Friday will be doing preparation work. Actual grinding will start about 8:00 am on Saturday. Any one who can help is desired and welcome. Bring along any appropriate tools (shovels, picks, pry bars, trowels, …). We have lots of stumps.

2) There will be food provided. Help for this “ministry” is also desired and welcome.

3) If you have stumps around your cottage and do not want them taken out, please mark them or let Bruce or Travis know.

4) If there are extra hands available, we can work at removing the old Tabernacle asphalt floor. Bring appropriate tools for that.

Outdoor concerts

Crazy skits

Personal applications made from the Bible studies held during camp week.

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