Lamar Lighthouse Multi-Purpose Building Update

Exciting news to share!
It’s Happening!!

Thanks to so many of our Community supports and Association members our new multipurpose building is nearing completion.
The pictures provide an update to where the building is to date; windows in, back and front walls up and doors ready to be hung.
Thanks to Little Ridge Construction Co. for weathering the elements to complete this project.

Financially, we are blessed. Through the generosity of so many this building is being built from the love of donations and support of grant monies. We still have to raise $61K, but with prayer and the continued generous giving of our members and community supporters, we are confident this building will be completed by the start of our 2022 Summer Concert Series.

Stay tune for more pictures!

Many have asked about honoring or memorializing a loved one.

Sharing in this sentiment, we welcome those who would like to “purchase” a window or door in celebration of their loved one.

The amount to “purchase” would be:
Window – $450.00 each
Door – $1,300.00 each

A plaque will bear the name of each Loved One being honored/memorialized from each purchase. 

For more information on how to “purchase” a window or door, please contact Lynette Trick. 
Her email is:

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